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True Vine Elevation Academy is committed to the Christian mission of promoting the full development of the whole child in Christ-spiritually, academically, mentally, emotionally, and physically. Presenting God's truths in all areas of education and character development to provide quality education on a strong Christian foundation.


True Vine Elevation Academy provides a distinctively Christian education, to develop tomorrow’s leaders today. Drawing from a diverse Christian community, the school partners with parents to develop each student’s unique, God-given talents to their highest potential.



  • Lead a Spiritually Surrendered Life

Through His Word and the Holy Spirit, we strive to bring the gift of a life that is fully surrendered to God.  We approach all of our work and life under God’s control and leadership.                    

 Gal. 2:20; I Timothy 4:7

  • Maintain an Infectious, Optimistic & Enthusiastic Attitude

We strive to be team players who encourage others and who have the best interests of the team at heart. There’s no substitute for a great attitude.

Deut. 20:8; I Thess. 5:11

  • Be a Teachable Team Player

We strive to maintain a teachable heart.  We believe this is the key to successful, ongoing growth in life and ministry: to stay open to instruction, correction and improvement.

II Tim. 3:16,17; Prov. 1:28-33

  • Approach Work with Passion and Intensity

We strive to maintain a fervent and dedicated spirit that remains faithful and perseveres in the midst of difficulty.  We put our hands to the plow and don’t look back. Leadership is a valid only as it serves the interest of others.  It is a central goal of our school to teach principles of leadership, to be an example in modeling that leadership, and to provide opportunities to develop leadership skills.  We are dedicated WHOLE-heartily and with purpose.

Col. 3: 23,24; Phil. 1:6; 3:10

  • Honor and Value Ministry and Prayer Partners

We fully strive habitually to affirm, encourage and celebrate others’ efforts. Without prayer partners and Intercessory Prayer Teams (Spiritual Warfare Attack Team “S.W.A.T.”), there would be no

ministry or success. The Christian school as a tremendous responsibility to crate an atmosphere that affirms the value and worth of each child in Christ. A specific effort should be made to identify, cultivate, and document the gifts, abilities and talents of each student. No matter a child’s ability or disability, their report card average, or even their behavior, a Christian school student should always be valued on the basis of being: (1) a special person who God created in His image; (2) a person tht God loves and sent His Son to redeem; and finally (3) a person for whom God has a wonderful plan. All relationships in the school family should be built around communication that affirms value, worth, and a godly self-image.

Deut. 20:8; 1Thess. 5:11

  • Hold Each Other’s Arms Up

Our staff team is a special, God-planned family, brought together for a purpose His Church, Community, and School. Thus, we strive to respect, love, protect and support others in all ways possible. All Pursuits should be initiated and maintained with excellence. A school’s leadership must keep the student’s performance, growth and development as well as school programs on a pathway toward excellence.  The pursuit of a culture of excellence must define the atmosphere of our school.  We must choose our plans and programs wisely, in order “that you may approve things that are excellent.” (Philippians 1:10)

Exodus 17:11,12

  • Value the Soul

We are committed to pray for God’s supernatural involvement in the life of our Church, in our families, school, students, staff and in our community, in the individual member, and personal walks with Jesus. Humble yourself before God and expect Him to do great things as you seek to serve Him with all your might.  The highest goal in a Christian school must be the salvation of our students.  Many schools take for granted the spiritual condition of the heart of a child.  Simply because a child is growing up in a Christian home and weekly attends an evangelical church, does not remove our responsibility to introduce the Savior to him. Great teachers have a heart for the Great Commission in their classroom relationships.     

l Thess.5:17;1 Peter 5:6,7

  • Committed to Develop a Christian Global View

We are committed to Preserving, Protecting and Promoting, the Teaching, Traditions, and Transformational values of TVEA. We must always keep in the forefront of our staff meetings, in-service, and faculty development and discussions the joy and great value of applying the Word of God to our subjects. Every subject is to be viewed through the lens of Scripture. Teachers should design illustrations, probing questions, testimonies, and group exercise that reveal to students God’s relationship to the subject. This is “where the real action is” in the Christian classroom.  Biblical integration and the development of the Christian mind must be: (1) planned in curriculum development, (2) discuss cultural diversity training, and (3) affirmed in our teacher evaluations. We need to maintain a Christian Global viewpoint as to develop our students and ourselves.

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