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Annual Fund gifts are investments in every student.

True Vine Elevation Academy Annual Fund is the yearly fundraiser to generate donations that benefit all students and teachers.  Annual Fund gifts provide the school with needed improvements and enhancements.  

Give your gift now, and together we can go above and beyond what TVEA is today.  Together we provide students a Christ-centered education while fostering lives of faith and service. 

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  • Why give to the Annual Fund?
    Since the Annual Fund was adopted in 2021, the school has consolidated most fundraisers to make this the primary donor appeal each year. There still are a few fundraising projects, but the goal is to limit the number of requests parents receive. The Annual Fund benefits many different areas and touches all TVEA students and teachers. There are so many projects, programs and purchases that require giving above and beyond what student tuition and fees cover.
  • How can I make a gift to the Annual Fund?
    You can support TVEA by making a cash gift or appreciated assets. 1. To make a gift of cash, you can make a secure online gift, mailing a check True Vine Elevation Academy. 2. To make a gift of stock or other appreciated assets, please contact the Foundation and Development Officer.
  • Will my gift make a difference?
    Every gift makes a difference. By making a gift to the TVEA Annual Fund, you make an immediate impact on the school. Gifts are used to improve student programs, provide teacher benefits and further strategic initiatives. Your generosity helps! TVEA provide superior academic programs, spiritual enlightenment and exceptional extracurricular activities.
  • Will my company match my gift to the Annual Fund?
    Matched giving is offered by many employers. The company or corporate foundation matches all or a percentage of employee contributions to eligible organizations. TVEA families should contact workplace human resources departments or corporate charitable foundations to inquire about eligible matching gift programs. Most matching gift programs have forms for TVEA to complete before or after eligible employees make donations. Once TVEA donors provide matching gift documents, the Development Office follows up on obtaining the matching gift. It’s a tremendous way for TVEA families to increase their donations.
  • Will my gift be tax deductible?
    Yes, Annual Fund gifts to True Vine Elevation Academy are tax deductible.
  • Who gives to the annual fund?
    The TVEA Annual Fund has many donors including current families, grandparents, faculty, staff, suppliers, friends and corporate matching gift programs.
  • Where does my money go?
    Annual Fund donors can designate gifts to where they are needed most or can contribute to specific areas. Because of the uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, TVEA is asking all donors to make undesignated gifts this year. Undesignated donations allow the TVEA administration to direct funds where they are needed most. In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, undesignated funds become even more essential to address emerging school needs.
  • Are monthly Annual Fund payments possible?
    Persons wishing to make monthly Annual Fund payments may do so online by completing the requested information. Monthly credit card donations may be made in any amount for two to 12 months. Accepted credit cards are listed. A confirmation message will be sent to the email address entered on the payment page.
  • How can I make a stock transfer?
    Donations may be made through gifts of stock or other securities. Please contact the Foundation and Development Office.. (Under Construction)
  • Do you accept gifts-in-kind?
    Gifts-in-kind help support the educational and spiritual programs of the school in thoughtful and constructive ways. They defray school costs by providing goods and services. All gifts-in-kind accepted by TVEA must help meet the mission of providing students a Christ-centered education. By IRS regulations, it is the responsibility of the donor to verify the value of an in-kind gift.
  • Who should I contact with questions?
    Please contact the Foundation and Development Office (Under Construction).
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