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Welcome to True Vine Elevation Academy!

Dear Parents,

Thank you for your interest in True Vine Elevation Academy!  We are an independent private Christian school As you consider bringing your children to our school, you will become part of a great legacy.  Today, we are experiencing our finest days in the True Vine story.  Our best years are still before us for four key reasons.

FIRST, God is working in the lives of our students.  You will discover that we put Jesus in absolutely the center of everything we do on our campus.  Students recognize the work of the Holy Spirit and begin to develop a biblical worldview and servant attitude.

SECOND, the right people are standing at the front of the room.  Certainly one of the greatest miracles God has accomplished here is simply in who God has led to serve on this world class faculty. More than our teachers’ impressive credentials, advanced degrees and experience, what matters most is who they are in terms of their character, life example, and influence in students’ lives.   Our teachers’ influence in students’ lives will be simply transformative.

THIRD, we begin servant leadership training at the earliest ages.  In preschool, we begin “developing tomorrow’s leaders today.”  True Vine Elevation Academy produces learners. Leadership begins with focusing on the attitudes that all great leaders possess and value.  Leadership attitudes change the altitude and trajectory of a student’s life.

FOURTH, excellence is an ongoing pursuit in every area of the life of the school.  We believe this happens because of the excellent mindset of the students.  Paul said, “Approve the things that are excellent.”  Nothing less than excellence will do.

YOU ARE INVITED to consider being a part of this family of believers in our quest to develop tomorrow’s servant leaders today.

Emma Alexander

True Vine Elevation Academy





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Testimonial  by Ms. Nneka Okoro
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Testimonial  by Ms. Selena Mitchell
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